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The TiiS Submission Planner

This submission planner shows you the “important dates” with regard to your planned TiiS submission, as a function of each submission date that you might consider and various possible reviewing outcomes.

The pale green time intervals are for the authors’ work on a revision; so they are under the authors’ control.

(For details about the process of submitting a manuscript, see the Authors’ Introduction.)

Click to choose a submission date:

* “Announcement” refers to the listing of the article on the TiiS website. The article will appear in the ACM Digital Library about 2.5–3 months later, after the source files submitted by the authors have been professionally copy-edited and typeset - regardless of whether the entire journal issue in which the article is scheduled to appear is complete. The printed issue of the journal will appear some time later, the interval depending on how far in advance the article appeared in the Digital Library.

The TiiS team of volunteers aims to stick to this schedule, but circumstances can arise (e.g., a need for extensive discussion among reviewers and editors) that lead to longer (or shorter) processing intervals on the journal’s side. Authors are welcome to ask about the processing status of their submission at any time if the information shown in the ScholarOne Manuscripts system is not sufficiently informative.