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The TiiS Best-Paper Award

With the approval of the ACM Publications Board, TiiS has established an annual “TiiS Best Paper Award”. The award will be granted early in each year for an article published in the volume for the previous year.  

Awarded Article for 2014

The Best Paper Award Committee for 2014 comprised: Margaret Burnett (chair), Judy Kay, Matthew Turk, and Jean Vanderdonckt.

The award was granted to Ben Steichen, Cristina Conati, and Giuseppe Carenini of the University of British Columbia for their article Inferring Visualization Task Properties, User Performance, and User Cognitive Abilities From Eye Gaze Data. which was published in issue 4(2) of TiiS.

The committee’s decision to single out this article was explained as follows: The work presented in this article makes creative and rigorous use of eye tracking technology, insights into human behavior, and machine learning methods to unobtrusively predict a user’s task and mental state. The article exemplifies the intellectual focus of ACM TiiS: research that thoughtfully bridges contributions in machine intelligence and interaction. The results have the potential to impact both research and practice by enabling new ways of personalizing users’ interactions with interactive visualization systems.  

Award Criteria

The following four criteria are to be applied:

  1. Technical excellence
  2. Innovation
  3. Potential for impact on the research community and perhaps beyond
  4. Exemplification of the binocular view of interactive intelligent systems that TiiS aims to promote

Nomination Procedure

An article can be nominated for the award by its reviewers, by the responsible associate editor(s), and by other members of the research community.

The reviewers and the associate editors will be given an opportunity to make a nomination at the conclusion of the reviewing process.

Other members of the research community will be able to submit their nominations via the journal web site once the article has been published.

All nominators will be required to provide a brief statement in support of their nomination.

Nominators will be required to identify themselves. Self-nominations will be permitted, but they will carry less weight. The award committee will have the discretion to consider any TiiS article published during the relevant time interval even if it received no nomination from outside of the committee.  

Composition of the Award Committee

The award committee will comprise four TiiS Associate Editors, each with at least two years of active and recent service to the journal. Membership in the committee will last two years; after the first year, it will be staggered such that two members are in their first year on the committee and two in their second. The committee members will be nominated by the editor(s)-in-chief. The award committee will select its chair each year. An editor-in-chief will also serve as a nonvoting member of the committee with the aim of promoting consistency in the application of the award criteria.  

Conflicts of Interest

An article (co)authored by a current or recent editor-in-chief or by a member of the award committee will not be eligible for the award.  

Nomination Form

All nominations, including those by reviewers and associate editors, are to be made via the following form: