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The Role of Reviewers in TiiS

The editors of TiiS greatly appreciate the crucial role that expert and conscientious reviewers play, as members of the journal’s editorial team, in enabling the journal to function effectively and in maintaining its quality. TiiS aims to do justice to this role, both in terms of the quality of communication between reviewers and the journal’s editors and in terms of acknowledgment of reviewers’ contributions:

Communication Between Reviewers and Editors

  1. Each person who is invited to prepare a review for TiiS is selected for invitation by one of the journal’s associate editors (in the case of a special issue, by one of the special issue associate editors) on the basis of the invitee’s known interests and expertise.
  2. If the reviews of a submission reveal significant disagreements among the reviewers, the associate editor can choose to moderate a discussion among the reviewers before recommending a decision.
  3. Reviewers have access to the decision letter, which includes all of the reviews as well as the comments of the associate editor, via the ScholarOne Manuscripts system.
  4. If at any time a reviewer has questions, suggestions, or concerns, he or she can communicate directly with the responsible associate editor and/or the editors-in-chief.

Acknowledgment of Reviewing Service

  1. Reviewers are acknowledged on a permanent page on the journal’s website, so that all website visitors can see who has been contributing to the quality of the journal.
  2. On request, the editors-in-chief will gladly write for an individual reviewer a formal letter of acknowledgment of reviewing service that describes the contributions that the reviewer has made (in a way consistent with the policy of reviewer anonymity).

Instructions and Hints for Reviewers

To enter the manuscript management site, visit the following page:

Instructions about the practical aspects of reviewing and suggestions about the content of a review will be found in the TiiS-specific guidance pages that are accessible from within manuscript management site.

If you would like to get an overview even before entering the system (or before accepting a reviewing invitation), you can access the most important page directly: