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[RecSys 2015 Logo] September 19th, 2015: Recommender Systems Seen Through the Lens of Choice Architecture. Invited talk at the RecSys’15 Joint Workshop on Interfaces and Human Decision Making for Recommender Systems, Vienna.



[DMRS logo] September 19th, 2014: Recommender Systems as Part of a Choice Architecture for HCI. Invited talk at the First International Workshop on Decision Making and Recommender Systems, Bolzano, Italy.

Abstract and slides

[Persuasive 2013 Logo] April 4th, 2013: How Can Persuasive Technology Help People Choose for Themselves? Keynote talk at Persuasive 2013, Sydney, Australia.


[EKAW 2012 Logo] October 9th, 2012: How Can We Support Multifocal Exploration of Semantic Data? Keynote talk at the Workshop on Intelligent Exploration of Semantic Data at EKAW 2012, Galway City, Ireland.


[CARR Logo] February 14th, 2012: Roles of Context in Information Retrieval and Recommendation: A Choice and Decision Making Perspective. Keynote talk at the IUI 2012 Workshop on Context-Awareness in Retrieval and Recommendation


[Decisions@RecSys logo] October 27th, 2011: What Are Preferences? And If So, How Many? Keynote talk at the RecSys 2011 Workshop on Human Decision Making in Recommender Systems, October 23-27, 2011, Chicago, IL, USA


Slides, including notes with references

[RecSys11 logo] October 26th, 2011: Participation in panel on the “Filter Bubble” controversy at RecSys 11, the Fifth ACM Conference on Recommender Systems

Panel description, audience-contributed comments, panelists’ slides, and detailed notes on discussion

[Part of DEMRA 2011 logo] July 11th, 2011: What Should Recommender Systems People Know About the Psychology of Choice and Decision Making?. Invited talk at DEMRA 2011, the First Workshop on Decision Making and Recommendation Acceptance Issues in Recommender Systems, in conjunction with UMAP 2011, User Modeling, Adaptation, and Personalization, Girona, Spain.

Slides, including notes with references

[Part of ESWC 2006 logo] June 14th, 2006: Usability and the Semantic Web. Invited talk at ESWC 2006, the Third European Semantic Web Conference, Budva, Montenegro.

Summary and slides

[Part of UM 2005 logo] July 26th, 2005: User Modeling Meets Usability Goals. Invited talk at UM 2005, the Tenth International Conference on User Modeling, Edinburgh.

Abstract and slides

[Logo of ToKen 2000 program] March 26th, 2004: Intelligent Mobile Companions: New Assistance or Nuisance? Keynote address at the 2004 ToKeN Workshop, Groningen, The Netherlands.
[ISCA logo] June 17th, 2002: Usability Issues and Methods for Mobile Multi-Modal Systems. ISCA Tutorial and Research Workshop on Multi-Modal Dialogue in Mobile Environments

Presentation slides

[Part of the logo of the CHCC’s HCI Distinguished Colloquium Series] April 26th, 2002: Intelligent User Interfaces: Closing the Usability Gap. Colloquium on the Future of Human-Computer Interaction at the Center for Human-Computer Communication, Portland, Oregon
[Eunite 2001 logo] December 14th, 2001: User-Adaptive and Other Smart Adaptive Systems: Possible Synergies. Eunite 2001 - the European Symposium on Intelligent Technologies, Hybrid Systems and their implementation on Smart Adaptive Systems

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