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Previous Places of Work and Education

[Saarland University logo] Saarland University: Research in the DFG-funded Collaborative Research Centers 314 and 378; teaching in the Computer Science and Psychology departments

Habilitation in Cognitive Science

[University of Amsterdam logo] Ph.D. in Psychology, granted by the University of Amsterdam for the dissertation Knowing What Others Know: Studies in Intuitive Psychometrics, 1990 (available on request from the author)
[CogW logo] Initiation and development of the specialization in Cognitive Ergonomics within the Cognitive Science program of the University of Nijmegen
[NICI logo] Research on everyday knowledge assessment and user modeling at the former Nijmegen Institute for Cognition and Information (NICI), The Netherlands
[Univ. Hamburg logo] University of Hamburg Research in the AI projects HAM-RPM and HAM-ANS, “Diplom” in Psychology
[Harvard logo] Harvard University: B.A. magna cum laude in Philosophy